Review by Amy Carlberg
Posted on November 16, 2016

Suup Health Bar is a vegan soup bar that also serves smoothies and burritosnear Ryerson. It's a little tucked away under the Aura condo residences, so don't go in there looking for it: simply peek around the side on Gerrard, and you're in a vegan-conscious, health nut paradise.

The interior is charming, casual and bright despite being shunted under one of the very tallest condo developments in the city. Suup operates lunch counter style though everything is made fresh daily, combining the best of homemade healthy foods and quick service.

Their fusion burritos are really more like wraps, but I appreciate the attempt to call it something less ubiquitous and boring. We go for the Banh Mi Chay ($10.95), a flour tortilla filled with brown rice, marinated soy protein that isn't bland or too chewy, cucumber, shredded napa, and picked daikon and carrots.

I can see myself getting a super-fast smoothie here easily, so I try a berry blast smoothie ($8.95). Add-ons like goji or sea buckthorn are $2. This one's made with fresh bananas and a frozen berry medley, plus just a little ice. It's nothing groundbreaking, but sweet flavours rich with antioxidants are addictive to suck down.

Soup's on! There are an impressive eight gluten-friendly soups on offer ($4.95 - $.8.95), and we try the Bangkok curry. This soup also emulates Thai flavours fairly successfully with bok choy and fresh carrots, and all items use organic ingredients like coconut milk and lime juice where possible. It's aromatic and tastes more like a Thai curry than I thought it would.

They also do a range of salads here, all dressings made in house. We try the Thai crunch salad ($11.95) with marinated soy protein, napa cabbage, red pepper, carrot, curly kale with toasted ramen noodles, almonds and dressing on the side for customizability.

There's some seating at lower tables, and a couple other spots at bar seating facing a window. The view isn't much with Toronto's famous construction providing most of the scenery, but you'll probably be able to live with that if you're sick of struggling with dietary restrictions in the city's core.

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Review by Munchies via PostCity
October 2018, Volume 20, Issue 2

The ultimate vegan lunch spot, they've got the salads and soups, but they also have atomic sushi bowls. Think vegan crab, vegan tuna, smoked carrot lox and more. The sushi rolls are served inside out with pickled ginger and wasabi. Grab a smoothy to wash it all down, and you're set!