Vegan Party Sandwiches

You’ve been cooped up with family members or roommates for the past several weeks, or you’re even hibernating on your own. You want and need to do something fun, so why not throw a house party, emphasis on *house*.  Because of social distancing, you won’t invite people over who don’t already live with you, but you could send out e-vites and have a virtual party via Zoom. Have some fun, design a theme, and plan a menu of party sandwiches. SUUP can help you with that.

SUUP offers a variety of vegan meat and sausage alternatives, or “plant cuts” as we like to call them, that can be used for party sandwiches. They are 100% plant-based, rich in protein, low in fat, contain no sulfites, and are packed with nutrients and minerals. You can choose from pastrami, roast beef, corned beef, salami, pepperoni, and even chorizo. Although the products are vegan, we take pride in the fact that our method of preparation makes them taste like the real thing. You don’t have to be vegan or even vegetarian to enjoy our meat-free selection. Use a variety of our plant cuts to help bring your party sandwiches to the next level.

Variety is the spice of life, so not only do you want to have several meat-free selections, but you’ll also want to have an array of breads and rolls to make the sandwiches with. Think about pairings—what would a crusty baguette or marble rye bread go well with? And what condiments might you choose to use for the sandwiches?

Spread some hot mustard or vegan mayonnaise on a slice of marble rye or caraway rye bread, then heap on some pre-sliced pastrami and corned beef, perhaps topped with some relish and lettuce leaves. You can cover the plant cuts with another piece of bread or leave the sandwich open-faced. Either way, when you take a bite, you will get that classic, old-world deli taste, but vegan-style. 

A sub is always a fun party sandwich to serve. Whether it’s a submarine or whether it’s a baguette loaf that you’re working with, this sandwich is the perfect flavour sampler. Make it interesting and tasty. Why not combine one of SUUP’s meat-like offerings with one of SUUP’s spreads? Try Harissa Roasted Red Pepper Spread as your main condiment on your sub or baguette, and top it with thick slices of our Chorizo sausage, a Thai-style sausage that has hints of garlic, galangal, lemongrass, and lime. Who says that Mediterranean and Thai flavours can’t mix? Slice the sandwich loaf into manageable pieces and stack them on a tray.

Party sandwiches are perfect as a light but filling meal. You can add more fun to your house party by letting your family members, roommates, or virtual guests make their own sandwiches. Your virtual guests can preorder their own deli selection and spreads on so that they can partake too and not feel left out!

Set up a table with platters of plant cuts, condiments, and spreads, sliced vegan cheese, sliced tomatoes, sliced pickles, roasted peppers, and olives that can be used for the sandwiches.  And be sure that you have a variety of breads and crusty rolls, as well as the right knives for cutting and spreading.

Even if you’re cooped up at home, every day can be a vegan party sandwich day! And your taste buds will be happy to have such a great workout!

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