Treat Yourself

At SUUP, we care about flavour. And we also care about your preferences when it comes to dessert. Our old-world baked goods have a modern twist: they are vegan, nut free, low in fat and sugar.

When you’re looking for something sweet to eat after a hearty meal, or simply want a sweet accompaniment to a cup of coffee in the middle of the afternoon, you can easily reach for one of SUUP’s baked goods. We offer a variety of specialty items, sure to tickle your taste buds and hit the spot when you need a pick-me-up. Check out our online store. At SUUP, our baked goods are made to order, so freshness is guaranteed.

Our rugelach (pronounced “rug-a-lah”), which has a recipe originating in Eastern Europe, are crescent-shaped rolled pastries. A triangle of dough is rolled out, then usually wrapped around a sweet filling and nuts. Our version is nut-free and sprinkled with a generous portion of cinnamon.

Do you remember the famous Seinfeld episode that featured a chocolate babka? That episode introduced many viewers to this baked good, which is a cross between a bread and a cake. Jerry and Elaine are in a bakery, deciding on what to buy. Elaine says that chocolate babka is the bakery’s specialty. Jerry responds, “Love that babka!” Well, we created our own version, a Chocolate Swirled Babka, that can certainly match Seinfeld’s. Even better, ours is vegan! Traditionally, babka is made from a doubled and twisted length of yeast dough and is typically baked in a loaf pan. Our sweet dough has a buttery flavour (don’t worry, it’s vegan!), and features ripples of rich, chocolatey goodness, and a homemade-tasting deliciousness that you’ll rave about to your friends. When you cut yourself a slice of our Chocolate Swirled Babka, and take that first yummy bite, we think you’ll agree with Elaine that “You can’t beat a babka!”

Ahh, Vienna, the city of coffee houses and delightful desserts. SUUP is now the creator of a delightful vegan version of the Viennese Strudel. A strudel is a type of thin, layered and rolled pastry that offers a sweet filling. Our version is packed with a blend of apples, black currants, coconut flakes, cinnamon, and sugar. When sprinkled with icing sugar and set on a cake tray, our Viennese Strudel is very elegant and the perfect end to a fine meal, or a nice addition to dessert selections at an afternoon tea. This delicate yet flavourful dessert even pairs well with ice coffee or hot chocolate. Just remember: one thin slice might not be enough.


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