Stocking Up

At the beginning of the pandemic, people were panicking, stocking up on paper goods, flour, yeast, snack foods, hand sanitizers, hand soap, laundry detergent…. The list goes on and on. Nobody knew how long they’d have to be homebound, with limited or no access to grocery shopping, so it was important to have essentials at hand.

The chaos has lessened somewhat, and people are going out or ordering online, replenishing their fridges, freezers, and cupboards with groceries and supplies.

The original idea they had in mind was a good one, but one that can be done in advance as opposed to in a panic: this is the mindset of “stocking up.”  If people have the storage space, they should always keep some extras of what they normally use or might need.

When it comes to stocking up on healthy food, SUUP can help you with that. Make some space in your fridge and freezer, then order our ready-made meals, meats, and vegetable smoothies that will keep you going for weeks on end. Perfect for Meatless Mondays – or any other day of the week when you don’t want to cook, but want to eat healthy!

Start off by buying six-packs of our bottled vegetable smoothies. Each bottle is 295 ml., and there are three wonderfully interesting flavour blends to choose from – Spirulina + Greens, Turmeric Sunrise, and Beet-Nik Goji Berry. You can buy six-packs of one flavour blend, or sampler six-packs featuring all three. These vegetable smoothies are great eaten cold or hot, so have them as a cold beverage, a hot soup, or simply sip at room temperature. Conveniently, they only need to be refrigerated once opened. Perfect as an accompaniment to a meal or a salad…or simply as a hearty, filling snack in the middle of the afternoon. Our vegetable smoothies are a tasty health booster, and during these long days at home, we can all use that.

Our ready-to-eat meals feature our protein-filled, 100% plant-based “chicken” or “beef” on top of a bed of rice, with stir-fried vegetables on the side. All the prepared meals are low sodium, low fat, have no nitrates, no preservatives, no cholesterol, are high in protein, and have lots of flavour. The meals are in compact packages that can be stacked easily in your freezer. To serve, just remove a meal from the freezer and heat it in its packaging in the microwave, or transfer to an oven-safe dish and heat in the oven. The portions are satisfying, but if you feel like adding to your meal, you can always add a salad on the side.

SUUP is well-known for its deli “meats,” which we prefer to call plant cuts. Choose from salami, pastrami, corned beef, pepperoni, roast beef, chorizo, and ribs. All are vegan but taste like the real thing, thanks to our flavour secrets. The plant cuts can be frozen and taken out as needed, to be used for sandwiches, pizzas, or any meal.

The best feature about stocking up on SUUP products is that many of them are on sale right now and there are also discounts for bulk purchases. You come out a winner in the savings department, and a practical person in the stocking-up-food department.  Check out the details in each one of our SHOP categories.

Both food preparation and food packaging are done in a safe, controlled environment. Delivery is available free with a minimum order, or charges will apply. Delivery is also done safely, with COVID-19 health practices in effect.

So…stay healthy, stay safe…and stock up with SUUP!

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