It's a Pizza Party Kind of Day!

Every now and again, it’s time to socialize with people beyond our four walls. We’ve been cooped up for so long in our homes, that we want to bring the party outside. A pizza party is the perfect way to do so while social distancing with a couple of friends or with family who have found their way into your bubble. People love pizza, and family and friends will love SUUP’s selections!

We’ve created our own take on Italian pizza, using a fine, multi-layered pastry dough that creates the perfect base. Our three choices – veggie, kale, and “pepperoni-- are sure to please your taste buds. Each pizza is seven inches in diameter, so we suggest you order several pies for your pizza party. The size is perfect as a personal pizza, so you don’t have to worry about cross-contamination and sharing! But you’ll want to make sure there is enough pizza to go around – and you’ll probably want to make sure you have leftovers, too! Yes, our pizzas are that tasty.

Your pizza party menu doesn’t have to only feature pizza from SUUP; you can also have garlic bread on the side, and a Caesar or green leaf salad, too. You can even serve another pasta dish such as macaroni and cheese or a vegetable lasagna. Make sure you offer some hot peppers, olives, and pickled vegetables to enhance everyone’s plate of food. You can order our Matbucha (Tomato & Pepper Chutney) or Harissa Roasted Red Pepper Spread when you order your pizzas. These condiments are perfect to serve alongside the other items on your table.

Have lots of napkins on hand, and some tall, refreshing pitchers of lemon water and sparkling grape juice to help wash down the pizza and other good stuff you’re serving. A perfect dessert might include Italian ices, fresh fruit, and Apple Turnovers ordered from SUUP.

We hope your party is pizzalicious!

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