Happy Victoria Day!

This year, Victoria Day falls on Monday, May 18 — Canada’s holiday to honour Queen Victoria's birthday. Also commonly referred to as the "May two-four weekend" or the "May long weekend,” Victoria Day weekend marks the unofficial start of the cottage season.

This year, with restrictions on public socializing, Victoria Day probably won’t have the oomph that you associate with the holiday. There will be no large-scale displays of fireworks at parks or on the waterfront, no concerts to attend, and you will not be having parties or large barbeques with family and friends.

Small and intimate is the only way right now, but it doesn’t mean you can’t still have fun. Get yourself some fireworks or sparklers that you can light and enjoy in your backyard or on a balcony. Try something different, like decorating your porches, balconies, and front doors with banners and Canadian flags. Even if you won’t be going out, you can take the night to dress up!

And you can have a small vegan barbeque for your household members. Here are a couple menu ideas featuring SUUP products. While the master griller is working on the main course, you can all snack on our LEMON LOVERS’ HUMMUS, served alongside some raw zucchini and  carrot sticks or nacho chips for a great start to your meal.

For your main vegan course, season and grill Portobello mushroom caps, then top them with slices of SUUP’s Thai Style Chorizo or Pepperoni.  What a powerful flavour combo! Or heat and serve a platter of our ready-made Smoky, Meaty, Sticky, Vegan BBQ Ribs. With these, you’ll want to lick your lips, but just try not to lick those fingers! Make sure to have some moist towelettes ready.

Dessert? If you still have some room for that, savour one of our Protein Moringa Balls. It tastes like a decadent truffle dressed in chocolate, peanut butter, and coconut but is also filled with nutrients — and is the perfect way to end a fine meal.

However you choose to spend Victoria Day weekend, just remember to stay safe and healthy!

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