A Vegan Thanksgiving, SUUP-Style

One can always find something to be thankful for, and hopefully this year, you will gather around the dining room table with family – who are in your bubble – and maybe a friend or two, to mark the special day on the calendar, while counting your blessings.

A Thanksgiving menu often includes hearty dishes made with autumn “harvest” vegetables such as a variety of squash, sweet potatoes, broccoli, cauliflower, mushrooms, parsnips, green beans, and beets. Seasonal fruits, including cranberries, pears, apples -- and more apples! -- are used in main courses, sides, or desserts.

Although turkey or chicken is usually featured as the main course attraction for Thanksgiving, offered along with a variety of side dishes, and if you’re really lucky, a pumpkin-based dessert, you can find ways to prepare a satisfying vegan meal without using real poultry or beef.

Consider upping the side dishes and adding a hearty soup or two to your Thanksgiving menu. Casseroles and stuffing, vegetable pies, and root vegetable mashes can serve as side dishes or even as main courses. If you want to start your meal with soup, your family and guests will no doubt enjoy any of SUUP’s vegetable smoothies. They can be eaten hot or cold, and their fall colours will blend right into the holiday décor: Spirulina + Greens (green), Beet-Nik Goji Berry (rich purply-red), Turmeric Sunrise (golden-orange). Any or all of these vegetable smoothies are the perfect starting point for your Thanksgiving meal, offering loads of veggie goodness.

Alongside the soup course, you can serve crusty baguettes and rolls. Paired with SUUP’s Lemon Lovers’ Hummus, their taste gets kicked up a whole notch!

No doubt you will find ways to incorporate harvest veggies into your meal, but if you feel you’d like to have a real main dish, SUUP’s ready-to-eat entrées will serve the purpose. Any of our “chicken” or “beef” entrées, which all feature a bed of rice, can be heated and served individually. Or you can buy several of one type, heat them up, then lay the contents out on a large platter to serve in a more formal manner. How ever our ready-to-eat entrées are served, the people around the table will enjoy them.

Our Roast Beef and Corned Beef could also work well as a traditional offering at your table. Sliced and ready to eat, they pair perfectly with a side of vegetables and a grain dish.

And, oh yes, we can’t forget Thanksgiving dessert. Both our Apple Turnover and Apple Strudel Galette offer the sweet goodness of the season’s bounty of apples. And even just one bite of our new Bumbleberry Galette will be a “berry good” taste experience that will leave your guests wanting more. Any of these dainty and visually appealing desserts are perfect for your Thanksgiving meal.

Plan your Thanksgiving right. Why not check out all that SUUP has to offer, and then invite us to your holiday table!

We at SUUP are thankful for our staff, for our family and friends, and for you – our customers…old and new. We wish you a very happy and healthy Thanksgiving.

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